ASML: NES – New Enterprise Structure implementatie

ASML systems are sold through central sales points in Asia, the Netherlands and the United States. These central points, especially in Asia and Europe, must be divided into local sales points in order to continue to comply with the locally applicable rules.

The NES project also implements process improvements to integrate the local sales processes even better with the logistics processes. This means that various purchase and sales documents are automatically provided with the correct information.


For the entire end-to-end process to run correctly, various integrations between SAP ERP and, for example, SAP GTS are required. These systems must also be prepared and set up to be able to work with the new enterprise structure in order to prevent errors and blockages.

Business Process Analyst

In the role of Business Process Analyst, Pitch ERP has set up the SAP ERP system together with other implementation partners to be able to execute the local sales processes. In addition, we have ensured that the correct information is printed on documents that support the purchasing and sales process (such as orders, invoices, etc.).


We have implemented the process around local sales in the SAP system. All processes are well coordinated to enable system, option and service sales. In addition, we have implemented process improvements to make the entire end-to-end process run better and provide more insight.

About ASML

ASML is a Dutch high-tech company and the main supplier of machines for the semiconductor industry, in particular steppers and scanners, which are used in the manufacturing of chips. Customers are mostly chip producers. ASML plays a key role in the fast-growing industry that makes our modern technology possible, such as smartphones.

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