Born (1972), raised and still living in beautiful Veenendaal. Started my career at BSO (Now known as ATOS Origin) as a programmer in Triton (later Baan ERP). Continued from Triton as Baan Finance consultant and made the switch to SAP Finance at Andersen Consulting (Nu Accenture) of the BaaN package. We all know that in the end everything is reflected in Finance. Also the final results of the production, purchasing and sales and logistics processes. That is where the interest in End-2-End thinking and integrated processes started.

I like challenges. Helping our customers meet this challenge together to solve the problem, implement the new process, the changed legislation, the process improvement.

Football is my passion. I am also a football trainer/coach with UEFA-B. Educating players, forming a team and achieving results is wonderful to see. Seeing the trained player improved and getting good results is wonderful to watch. It is the same with Pitch ERP. Implementing integrated solutions and process improvements and achieving the intended result with the project team, fantastic. That’s what we do it for!

I am a passionate person in both consultancy and as a trainer / coach. Always raise the bar. Not only for myself, but also for my clients and my team. Keep each other on their toes so that the project is not delayed and everyone can perform.

My mottos: “The bottle is half full” and “Always look on the bright side of life”

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