I studied at the Fontys Hogescholen and graduated in January 2006 in the field of People & Computer Science. After my studies, I started as a SAP consultant in Capgemini’s SAP Retail Team. It was with great pleasure that I successfully completed various assignments during that time. Because other things are also important, I focused on family life from 2009 to 2018.
However, SAP continues to attract you and in 2018 I started again at Pitch ERP with great pleasure and enthusiasm.

I learn very quickly, which means that I quickly adapt to a new or changing environment. By nature I am an enthusiastic person and I easily take others along. By listening carefully and analyzing I am able to approach complex issues in the right way.

Because of my open nature I easily make contact with others at different levels. One of my strengths is my optimistic attitude, for example I think in terms of possibilities and solutions.

Due to my experience in roles in SAP management and change management, I am well able to translate business processes into solutions within SAP. Also in the field of training and coaching, I can transfer my knowledge to others through my enthusiasm and positive attitude. My specialization is in the field of SAP SD and Retail, but I also have experience with the modules MM, FiCO and CRM.


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