I was born in Hamburg, Germany and worked there for the first 10 years of my IT career. I started with Programming in COBOL and other languages ​​from Mainframe computers.

In addition to application programming, I soon came into contact with interfaces and electronic communication. This was a common thread through my career until I was deployed at Philips in Eindhoven in 1999 and worked with SAP, ABAP and Idocs for the first time. SAP and Philips never let go of me, also because I met my husband Frank here and moved to the Netherlands.

I enjoyed working for more than 12 years in various integration projects at Philips, but finally decided to follow my other passion in nutrition and health. In these years I got to know interesting people and a completely different way of working, and a lot about myself. It became clear to me that the love for and pleasure in working in IT had never completely disappeared.

So I started in 2021 with great enthusiasm at Pitch-ERP and I am fascinated by the new Cloud-based SAP environment CPI. I think integration has become even more important and I look forward to using my knowledge and experience to help many customers with their developments. My ambition is to further develop myself and deliver value for the team.
I am cheerful and helpful and do not hesitate to ask the necessary questions.

If you cannot admit that you do not know something, in my opinion that is not wise.

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