There is a special Fiori / UI5 Expert Platform for independent developers and consultants who are interested in developing and rolling out mobile apps to improve the business at customers.

Why a Fiori / UI5 Expert Platform? <
Gardner:”SAP Fiori UX: It Is Not a Matter of If, but When and How”
The world of apps and apps development is very changing and there are many new developments in this area for both technology and the user. We notice that customers have many questions about the technology and the added value of Fiori and UI5.

At the Fiori / UI5 Expert Platform, sharing knowledge, experience and discussing new developments is paramount. In addition, forming a network and developing products and new business together could be stimulated.

The set-up of the Fiori / UI5 Expert Platform is an initiative of Dominique Verweij (Pitch ERP) and Helmich op ten Noort (HelmiX). The platform will meet on a regular basis at a centrally accessible location in the Netherlands.
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