NedTrain: Centralization of configuration information

The objective of the IN2CM project is the timely, correct, complete and findable provision of configuration information of the trains for all processes within NedTrain during the entire lifespan of the equipment.


Configuration management is organized in various ways at NedTrain locations. The transfer of configuration information between the different locations entails long lead times and high costs. The IN2CM project wants to improve this and thereby shifts the configuration information source from SAP PLM to Infor PDM.

Configuration information

We first set up an information model that describes the functional and technical relationship between Infor and SAP. We performed impact analyzes based on this model. The impact analyzes describe what the intended changes will mean for the NedTrain organization, processes, information and IT.


Infor will be the source of all configuration information. SAP needs this information to support the maintenance and service processes and that means that interfaces must be realized between Infor and SAP. To this end, we determined the integration architecture for the new interfaces and realized this in SAP ECC and SAP PI.


Optimized central configuration management set up within NedTrain with interfaces between Infor and SAP. This allows NedTrain to have the most up-to-date configuration information at all locations.

About NedTrain

Within NS, the Service, Maintenance and Modernization departments (formerly NedTrain) are responsible for the maintenance of the trains. From technical maintenance to fast service and from cleaning to short and long-term overhaul: these departments ensure that the 1.2 million NS train passengers arrive at their destination on time, safely and in a clean train every day.

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